Why Trail Running Is Good for You

Trail-Running Shoes
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 A trail runner in an excited happy mood for a Tough Runner UK Event

There’s a reason trail running is booming in popularity over the last few years…

Heading out on a trail instead of pavement is appealing for so many reasons. Escaping into the woods or meadows gives you a nature experience that a road run often cannot, and a trail’s softer surface gives your body a break, too.

The benefits of trail running span the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. And doesn’t that cover pretty much all of it? Here are a few ways trail running is good for you and some tips on how to get started.

Good for Your Body

“Trails are going to take away a lot of stress from the impact that you’d normally get running on harder surfaces,” says Dr. Scott Levin, a sports medicine expert and orthopedic surgeon. “Some of the forces that would normally be transmitted from the pavement up to the ankles, knees, shins, and hips are dissipated when the foot hits the ground on the trails because there’s some give there.”

“With knee pain, especially, shin splints, and any other condition that is worsened with increased impact,” says Dr. Levin, “the lesser impact of running trails is going to feel better than pavement. Trail running may be more beneficial for preventing most forms of tendinitis; however, there is some evidence to suggest that running on a harder surface would be less aggravating for Achilles tendinitis.”

The set of runners starting the Hoka Half Marathon race in Afan Forest

Good for Your Brain

Trails provide an undeniable escape from what can be an otherwise hectic day. Eliminate the outside environment of cars and other city noises and import sounds of birds and trees rustling in the wind, and you’ve got an entirely difference experience.


Having the courage to take up a trail running challenge will only motivate you to be consistent and give you something to focus on. Your body will feel great and your health will benefit massively.

Tough Runner UK have several trail events throughout the year. A series of stunning EPIC 10k’s in Cardiff, Merthyr and Barry. Also planned is a  10 mile winter trail race in the Afan Forest and a breath-taking Duathlon within the National Botanic Garden Of Wales.

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