A bit about Tough Runner UK and our ambitions to become unique

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Two runners hug with big smiles after Finishing the Buff Wales 10k- What you need to know about Tough Runner UK is we produce the challenge you crave.

Here ar Tough Runner UK, we’ve experienced it all!

If you participate in trail running in UK, you’ve probably heard of Tough Runner UK? At Tough Runner UK we work hard to ensure that athletes feel value through the events we offer. We have a many years experience in taking part in amazing trial run events across the globe, which include:

  • 10K races
  • Duathlons
  • Off-Road Duathlons
  • Trial half marathons
  • Trial marathons
  • Iron Man events
  • And much much more…

Every time we went to an event, we analysed and learnt something new. It was blatantly obvious that other places in the world offered a style of racing that you just can’t get in the UK. So we wanted to do something about it. Along with the things we learnt, we are very motivated, innovative individuals that have been willing to sacrifice a large part of our lives to perfect what we are trying to achieve. We learn daily and with them lessons we grow stronger and bigger.

With that being said, we have been exposed to various environments and have the knowledge of how to make each race different from the next. As an athlete, if you are looking for a new way of challenging yourself then Tough Runner UK has exactly what you need. Our races ensure that the athletes meet and beat their goals.

There’s just 3 steps to take to become a ‘Tough Runner’, which includes:

  1. Accepting the challenge that the race poses
  2. Preparing thoroughly for the challenge
  3. Beating the challenge and achieving your goals

Upcoming Tough Runner UK Events in 2018 Through To 2019

All upcoming events can be seen on our events page HERE.

You should take up a new challenge to beat the monotony of daily training.

Some of the reasons you should take up a Tough Runner UK race:

  1. Constantly testing yourself will make you feel one hundred percent valued. It will push you to achieve your goals and help you set and beat new standards.
  2. You need to experience the euphoria that comes with completing a race. The joy of completing a race will give you the motivation to keep setting new goals.
  3. The race will help you improve your health. This race is not exclusively set for expert runners, we accept all participants from the elite to beginners.
  4. It will help you improve your speed and boost your strength. The terrain and length vary with each race event. This means that you will train your body to withstand the new conditions and the training prior to the competition will definitely help you boost your running speed since you will strive to win the race.

If you are around South Wales and are seeking to start trail running in one of the finest routes in the area, feel free to visit Tough Runner UK, South Wales. For more information on our offers, services, and events visit the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/toughrunneruk/.

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