5 Reasons to Run 10 Miles

Trail running
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5 Reasons to Run 10 Miles

The reasons we decided to organise a 10 mile trail race

I want to explain why we decided to put on a 10 mile race. The common distances being 5k, 10k, half marathon and a marathon, some may think its an unusual decision for us to put on a 10 mile race, but there are many reasons for us wanting to give you a 10 miler, 5 of which I have listed below.

1. It fine tunes your form: Running a 10 miler takes more than an hour to complete, putting you into fatigue when flaws in running form become obvious. You must try to correct those flaws (like slouching) and hold form to the end. Testing your body at a different distance on a tough terrain can help you get to know your body more and allows you to fine tune your running strategy, especially if your planning to take on a half marathon.

2. It’s not a half marathon or a marathon: Running 10 miles is something you can prepare for in a much shorter time. If you are looking to take up a good challenge within the next few months, it’s something that can be comfortably prepped for in time.

3. It’s the right step up from a 10k distance: If you’re pretty new to running (especially trail), taking the leap from a 10k to a half marathon is a BIG step. So having the opportunity to race at a distance in between is a great way of building up your race abilities prior to taking on a half marathon.

4. It will help take your body into a much healthier state: Ten-milers will not only do wonders for your leg muscle strength, but for your heart. Increasing your endurance and challenging yourself to a distance your body isn’t used to will keep your body adapting for the better making your body and health much stronger.

5. It makes you an aerobic tourist: Your 10-miler can take you far, and if you haven’t been to the Afan Forest before, it is one of the most picturesque, scenic locations in Wales. Every runner knows the importance of variety in keeping a training program fresh. Not challenging yourself can make you lose motivation. New locations and new challenges keeps running fun, and keeps you looking sexy!

If you would like to join us this November and take one the Winter 10 Miles Wales. Get yourself signed up now before places are gone.

Take up the 10 mile challenge now –https://toughrunneruk.com/events/winter-10-miles-wales/