About us.

At Tough Runner UK we’re dedicated to making a difference with events that make athletes feel valued. We’re committed to bring the best value events to Wales. The team have more than 30 years of taking part in major sporting events around the globe and we are always looking for new innovations that set us apart from the others.

Tough Runner UK is on a mission to carve out its own legacy in sports history and from 2017 we will demonstrate this to the whole of Wales. Our staff and incredible team of volunteers stand ready to ensure you have the best race experience possible.

Our team is 100% committed to provide you with the very best race and events that we can offer across Wales. We are driven and fully committed to make sure that as a racer you feel you are getting not only your value for money but also that challenge that many of us runners crave, that new test that really pushes us to our boundaries.

Tough Runner UK can make the promise to you as a racer that we will keep on bringing new and exciting trails to give you that buzz we all often look for. Meet the team today and see why and how we became so dedicated to providing the ultimate challenge for you.