At Tough Runner UK we’re dedicated to making a difference with events that make athletes feel valued. We’re committed to bring the best value events to the UK. The team have many years experience of taking part in major sporting events around the globe and we are always looking for new innovations that set us apart from the others.

Company directors, Adam, Dan & Ben are passionate to succeed in a mission to carve out Tough Runner UK’s own legacy in sports history and we have demonstrated this with our rapid growth to over 30 major events throughout the whole of the UK.

One of our goals is to grow the running community, attracting beginners to experience a whole new world of running. The other is to show the running community what a ‘real’ epic running event is like.


For the more ‘elite’ athlete, we offer something different. We understand that running at a high level needs new challenges and something new to test their abilities. We are not called Tough Runner for nothing. The races we put on live up to the element of ‘tough’. We guarantee they will have a testing challenge but at the same time an enjoyable experience different from any average race. 

One of our goals is to grow the running community, drawing in beginners to experience a whole new world of running. We want to be open to all levels of runners, and we want any beginners to know that we will give the person who comes across the finish line last the same treatment as the person who comes across first. 


We originally started organising events back in August 2015 after signing up to the EDF Alpe d’huez Triathlon. After taking part in one of the world’s toughest and most celebrated events we found that events back home just didn’t feel like value for money leaving us frustrated.

We are very excited about what we do. We continue to be dedicated to changing the game and making sure that we reward athletes for their hard work and dedication to their sport. We understand that reaching the next level does not happen without a lot of hard work. It demands commitment, perseverance and the kind of vision that sees opportunity where others see limits. Tough Runner UK shares that drive and honors that devotion by delivering the best events possible.

We want you to relish in the excitement of race morning atmosphere, take time to enjoy the course, endure new challenges along the way and embrace the overwhelming joy as you cross the finish line (not forgetting the AWESOME medal).

Tough Runner