Duathlons in Wales & England

Duathlons in Wales
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We have had a very busy year with events, but one thing we are getting more demand for is Duathlons in Wales and England.

For some reason, the UK has a shortage of duathlons so we have a mission to fill this gap and provide what many people are calling out for.

We entered 2018 with the Wildflower Duathlon at the National Botanic Garden of Wales planned as our only duathlon, it quickly became apparent that due to it’s success people wanted MORE! So we listened!

Duathlons in Wales

Due to our innovative vision, we wanted to do something different, something that we have participated In races in different countries. An Off-Road Duathlon within a beautiful forest, but not just any forest, only the biggest and best forest in the UK for mountain bikes; The Afan Forest. To our surprise, this event SOLD OUT rapidly with people travelling from all four corners of the UK! To say the event was a success is an understatement. You can see the full promo video HERE. Escape to Afan will definitely be back for 2019, but this time we have a little surprise for the more experienced bikers. On the Saturday we will be hosting Escape to Afan, but on the Sunday we will be hosting Escape To Afan EXTREME. This will have a much more technical bike route involved for the adrenaline buffs.

After the 2018 Wildflower Duathlon was finished, people wanted more, so we did our homework and decided that an road duathlon was needed in or near the Welsh Capital city, Cardiff. We found a perfect, picturesque  location in Penarth. After months of planning, we are now ready for the next big duathlon named; The Wales Duathlon. This duathlon consists of 5k run, followed by 20k cycle, followed by a 5k run.

Cycling element in one of our duathlons in Wales

But we are not done yet! Now we have conquered Wales with 3 major duathlons, we have now opened our first duathlon in England.

We are proud to say we will be hosting a duathlon from the Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, England. This race will boast spectacular scenery and will certainly lead the way for our duathlons in England.

On travelling from city to city in England and doing our duathlon research, it was obvious that there is desperate need for off-road duathlons in England. So once again, we will be delivering what the people want! Tough Runner UK will be coming to West Midlands hosting an off-road duathlon that will attract people from across the UK and beyond, more details to be announced soon.

This is just the start from us, 5 new duathlons in the UK with more to follow! Keep an eye out for our social media pages to stay up to date.