Introduction To Trail Running

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All runners know that trail running is a different beast to road running. It’s not something you do to challenge a personal best, unless your running the exact same route.

It has a completely different element of complexity to road running, there’s the uneven ground, often secluded, scenic areas with different weather demands, and the biggest factor of all; HILLS.

As much as it sometimes sounds the more uncomfortable run, these days people’s opinions are changing completely and runners are choosing trail before road. The buzz a trail race brings is contagious leaving runners with ‘trail addiction’.

Why? Firstly because it has more of a ‘challenge’ element. We like to put our body under challenging environments because the feeling of achievement means so much more.

Then there’s the pure beauty of trail running locations. Anybody who has run a Tough Runner UK event know they are not going to turn up to a boring race location. Your not just going to be staring at a flat road for the duration of your race, you will be running through the most scenic and ‘picturesque’ (as described by Wales online) locations in the country.

Every turn has a different view, every hill is met with panoramic views stretching for miles into natural landscape beauty and every mile has it’s own unique challenge.

Trail running has so much to offer, not only for physical ability but also for state of mind. As hard as it may be running up hills, them hills eventually come to an end and you can enjoy a down hill run whilst taking in breathtaking views from the top of a mountain. There really is no better feeling in the world.

Then to top it off, you get to cross the finish line, receive your big shiny medal and rejoice in the happiness of self achievement.

Want to give trail running a go?

We offer different distances to give people the ability to let themselves grow as a strong trail runner.

If you are new to trail running, or you haven’t been to a trail race before, we have many 5k and 10k races for you to choose from to get a taste of what we’re all about.

If you feel you’re passed the level of fitness of a 10k, but not quite ready for a half marathon, you really should sign up to our Winter Trail 10 Miles Wales . This is a 10 mile challenge in one of our favourite locations, Afan Forest. With breathtaking views and a super enjoyable course, this will be the perfect step up.

Ready for a half marathon? Check out the NEW Brechfa Half Marathon and the immensely popular Hoka Half Marathon. Both of these races are simply spectacular with an awesome element of ‘tough’ but enjoyable.

We are also planning a NEW marathon (details to be announced in the near future).

If you fancied something ‘different’, dig that bike out and check out the Escape To Afan Duathlon which is an all off-road event and the Wildflower Duathlon which is trail running within the beautiful Nation Botanic Garden Of Wales, which then transitions onto the quiet roads around Carmarthenshire. Both of these are open to beginners and seasoned athletes.

So, no matter what level of running your at, we have a race for you and welcome you to try out real racing for a different, unique experience.