Want to run for a charity or raise money for a loved one?

Are you looking at doing something heroic and running for a charity or raising money for a loved one? 

Running is fun (and VERY good for you) but running for a purpose isn’t only motivating but it’s also an incredible thing to do. Most of us have personal reasons that is close to our heart, whether it’s running to raise money for a loved one that is ill or to raise money for a charity that means a lot to you.

Usually these heart ache situations are completely out of our hands but we still have to opportunity to stand up and support. 

Running a race for a cause is a beautiful thing to do. At present Tough Runner are not officially partnered with charities (we’re working on it) BUT this doesn’t mean you can’t run a Tough Runner race for charity!

You can take on a Tough Runner challenge and still personally raise money for your chosen cause using services such as and receive sponsor forms directly from your chosen charity.

So the next step is doing something amazing and taking on a challenge near you. Ready to run for a reason? Choose your race HERE.