I marshalled my first event for Tough Runner UK in August 2019 and since then, I have marshalled many more of their events in a variety of excellent locations across the country. 

There are many reasons why I love marshalling for Tough Runner UK and why I keep returning to their events. One of the main reasons is the camaraderie between the crew. Ever since my very first event, the rest of the Tough Runner crew have all been very approachable, friendly and supportive. Marshalling for Tough Runner has allowed me to form many valuable friendships. Despite the lockdown over the past few months, we have all still managed to keep in contact. 

Tough Runner UK are a great company to work for. The directors always go above and beyond to ensure that all marshals have a positive experience. They are very flexible and are always extremely grateful of any work that you may do for them. 

Tough Runner has provided me with opportunities to visit lovely locations across Wales and the rest of the UK. These locations include the National Botanical Garden in Carmarthen, Mountain View Ranch in Cardiff and many more. 

Working behind the registration desk is a task which is great fun for all the crew. I always enjoy seeing the excited athletes turning up to the event and collecting their race numbers. In addition to this, it is always brilliant to have the opportunity to sell Tough Runner UK merchandise, including event specific t-shirts, to the athletes and their families as a momentum and a great way to remember the event.

The role as marshal is also a very rewarding role as I am responsible for handing out the all-important medals on the finish line. It is always great to see the athletes’ emotions once they finish the race and have been awarded their medal. Also, holding the banner for the winner is both a privilege and an honour for myself and the other members of the crew. 

Marshalling has also provided me with opportunities to develop and build upon skills which are essential in everyday life. An example of this is problem solving skills. Whilst marshalling for the company, you will sometimes come across an aspect of the event that isn’t running completely smoothly. Therefore, the experience has given me the chance to act quickly and responsibly in order to solve any problems. 

I have many great memories of marshalling at Tough Runner UK and hopefully there will be many more to come in the future! 

Lydia Hobbs


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